Do Thunder And Lightning Make You Frisky?

Before I came into my sexual awareness, I was fascinated with storms – thunderstorms, in particular. I wanted them more than a sunny day, more than autumn. I could watch them for hours.

When my sexuality blossomed, my love of severe weather decided to come along for the ride. Now, one of my favorite things is to get freaky when outside looks like the apocalypse is nigh.

But even with all my kinkiness, I still thought it was an unusual quirk. Something others didn’t really do.

Turns out I was wrong.


Trojan Condoms surveyed 1000 people and found that over 70% of Americans said they had sex during thunderstorms and tornados, but only 27% had them during a hurricane.

It also showed that the warmer it is, the more people are willing to have sex. That’s why people in places like Minneapolis only get freaky 64 times a year, but Miami takes the gold at 102 times. 

SIDE NOTE: The temperature part doesn’t surprise me since I know firsthand how cold temperatures can kill the libido. We want to stay warm under the covered, not fuck.


In fact, it’s a common enough occurrence that there are even formal names…

BRONTOPHLLIA – arousal from thunderstorms

ASTRAPHILIA – arousal from storms, but mostly the lightning

LILAPSOPHILIA – arousal from tornados

Some slang has even found its way onto Urban Dictionary – with the term “Thunder Buddy” meaning someone you have sex with during a storm.


That was the biggest question I asked myself.


I get the “we’re stuck at home with no electricity and nothing to do … so let’s screw” idea. But there have been camping trips, lake-side cottages, snowy evening, and sleepless nights where there were also no distractions – all without an increase in desire (at least compared to a good, old, storm).

Asthma attacks also increase with storms – image via Newshub

However, I think the next two possibilities might be closer…

First, natural disasters (and danger in general) make us realize our humanity, our fragility, and eventual death (cheery, yeah?). Even if we understand that it’s not the end of the world, our primitive brains still think we need to spend our “last moments” perpetuating the species. 

Second, storms are raw power and full of visible energy – we can see it rip things apart. It’s already been proven that weather and temperature can affect our health and disposition, so it makes sense that intense weather can affect us in intense ways.

Who knows, maybe it’s a combination of all three (or more) – boredom, primitive responses, and environmental influences.

Sadly, there hasn’t been any formal research on these reactions, and there probably never will be (unless there’s money to be made).


  • 83% of Americans it’s better to have sex when it’s rainy.
  • When it comes to sex, there’s a fine line between “exciting” and “no thank you”. This is backed up by the fact that more women get pregnant during low-risk storms than intense ones.
  • Parents are more likely to make more babies during storms than non-parents.
  • Hurricane names often become popular baby names.
  • Blackout and blizzard babies are a myth (that people have more babies during blackouts etc.).
  • Over several years, large and fatal disasters can cause people to have more children.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

There might not be any definitive answers or explanations, but at least we know we’re not alone. What I AM certain of … if the storm clouds start rolling in, my man better batten down the hatches.

Anyone here also into sexy storms? Or are they a turn-off? Give a shout out in the comments!