The founder and lead editor of mmonjejr.com, Raymond G, was like any other curious lad who wanted to try being in a chastity cage with his partner. Just like most of the new readers of this site, it was crazy scary for him. The chastity cages look intimidating, and they look painful until they are not. He started reading more about the lifestyle, worked with his partner, and met up with other people who are into the same kink. It was the stories of others that made him more comfortable and started enjoying being in chastity. Of course, that made his partner extremely happy as well.

Raymond found comfort in the stories of other chastity cage enthusiasts, and he thought that there are more people out there who are too afraid to get into the lifestyle because of misconceptions. He signed up for a blog and started writing his own experiences. Raymond then started collating different stories from different people. It was a vision that he had always talked about with his friends, so he got the support that he needed.

This blog is proof that we have a very supportive community. Their stories are comforting and can help anyone who is looking into spicing up their relationships through chastity cages. Today, the blog is visited by anyone who wants to learn more about chastity cages, read kinky stories from our writers and contributors, or those who just want to have a good read or connect with other people in the community.