Our Story

Why a sex blog?

Because we find sexuality endlessly fascinating and we think sex has the power to change the world. The sex education most of us receive is woefully lacking – if we get any at all – which means we have generations of grown adults who don’t understand their bodies and live under the weight of massive sexual shame.

We want people to talk openly about sex. We want accurate, pleasure-focused information for everyone, and we want informed, enthusiastic consent to become a minimum standard. This site is our small attempt at being the change we wish to see in the world.

Sex is literally the only topic we never run out of things to say about. For every article, review, rant or story we post, there are at least five more dancing around in our heads. A year or so ago, our writing was getting some attention over, so we thought, hey, some people actually care what we have to say! We opened up a free WordPress account, and this site was born.

What we initially envisioned as a small side-project has become so much more. This blog, and our sex writing more generally, is now a brand, a business and a passion.