The Difference Between Regular Butt Plugs and Locking Butt Plugs

We’re sure we’re all familiar with regular butt plugs. They come in different shapes and sizes (literally). They’re a sea of anal toys for you to dive in. But how different are they from locking butt plugs? What even are locking butt plugs?

Many questions! But we have all of the answers. One of the obvious differences is that the locking type of butt plug can, well, be locked in place. But let us ask — how do you feel about inflatable butt plugs? If the thought of them makes you a little squeamish, then locking plugs might not be for you.

With these toys, you (or your master) are entirely in control. The plug doesn’t need to expand at all, but it can, and you know you want it to.

Butt Plugs and Their Types

When it comes to any kind of anal play, butt plugs should be your go-to. They’re extremely beginner-friendly. Plus, they have many types for you to choose from!

The most common butt plug type you can find is the teardrop. These are plugs with teardrop-shaped barrels and a flared base. Reach for these when you want simple but impactful anal sensations.

Next up on the menu are the tapered and slim types. Their tapered barrels allow for a gradual expansion of the anus. That makes them great for anal training. These models are suitable even for absolute strangers to anal play — they let you explore your ass safely and get some pleasurable sensations too.

Last but not least — beaded plugs. Think anal beads, except it’s a plug. These will make you moan with each bead you pull out.

Locking Butt Plug

Trust us when we say that a lockable butt plug isn’t for anal novices. It’s a toy for extreme anal penetration.

What makes the insertion of this hardcore toy easy is its rounded tip. But what comes next? They have three petal-like metal prongs that can expand. And you know what that means for your anus (wink wink).

While anchor plugs can be made of stainless steel, aluminum, and silicone, that isn’t the case for locking plugs — they’re heavy and sturdy, and only God knows how come they don’t fall out.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the locking feature. There’s a button or a plunger at the other end (not the one you receive). Pulling or pressing this opens up the plug. They also have a hole in them. What for? For your padlock, of course. Once you’re happy with the newly acquired anal width, lock it in place.

Needless to say that this toy is very different from your classic butt plug. That is not a toy you can just decide to pull out when you’ve had enough. Or you can. It depends on how you choose to play with it.

How to Use Lockable Butt Plugs

Now that we know all about these plugs let’s focus on how to utilize them.

We have a few ideas in mind when it comes to using this sex toy. If you’re still iffy about the whole expanding thing, you can try just inserting it. You will still get the sensations you want, and you won’t be left with a gaping rectum afterward.

The whole expanding process happens pretty slowly. In fact, you set the pace — the toy starts expanding when you press/pull the button/plunger. Don’t worry — it doesn’t immediately expand to its full size.

You can try just opening and closing the toy. Find out what you’re comfortable with. You don’t have to expand it fully to enjoy its sensations.

Lockable Butt Plug for BDSM Play

The locking feature of this toy has it’s time to shine in BDSM plays.

This plug can also work as anal chastity. It’s fantastic for Dom/Sub plays or any kind of control plays. As you can imagine, the person in control decides how much the toy will expand. When they’re happy, they lock it in place.

That means no anal penetration. But do you know what else? You can’t just pull it out whenever you please. First of all, that would be incredibly dangerous. Secondly, it wouldn’t be a control play if you just did what you wanted.

Cleaning a Locking Butt Plug

Cleaning your toys is the most important part of every play. Cleaning before and after ensures safety, especially when it comes to anal toys.

Bacteria lives within all of us. But what else can you find when you venture down your anal hole? Poo. Hey, it’s a perfectly normal thing, as are accidents that can happen during anal sex.

So why is cleaning a locking butt plug different? It can be a little messy since the expanded parts can scrape some of the feces off of the anal walls. If that doesn’t gross you out, cleaning should be a breeze. Make sure you always follow the instructions left by the manufacturer of your product.

To keep things cleaner, some users recommend using condoms. We’re talking about heavy-duty, super durable condoms. They have to be able to withstand the expansion of the toy, after all.


Both regular butt plugs and locking butt plugs fit into the category of BDSM toys. However, only one takes anal play to an extreme level.

The concept of anal expansion can be quite intriguing. Thankfully, you don’t need a partner to try locking butt plugs out. They might work a little (or a lot) differently than regular models, but it’s nothing you can’t master. Practice makes perfect.

So the differences between regular and locking plugs are huge. As always, the choice is yours. Be guided by your experience and what you want to achieve with your anal plug. Whatever you opt for, it’s guaranteed to make you feel good.

If you want to experiment, however, you know which option you should opt for, and you can easily get them from lockthecock.