What is a butt plug – What do they do? What are they for? Are there any benefits?

Are you in the mood of some orgasmic anal fun? Well, have you considered about butt plug? If not, do it now. It’s because there is no better tool to start your anal fun than doing it with a butt plug. In fact, games-inspired butt plugs are made because of its popularity. There are also animal tailed plugs for girlfriends available.

Defining butt plug

So, what is butt plug? As you can gather from the name itself, butt plug is a toy that is strategically designed for your bum, specifically asshole. You have to insert them in your rectum and squeeze your sphincter muscles for a delightful anal stimulation. You will find them in a broad array of sizes, shapes, textures, materials and shades. Some of them come in the shape of penis while you will also find wavy or ribbed butt plugs. But most of them follow the pattern of thin tip that widens up in middle and is supported by flared base.

In regards to materials, you will find them in latex, glass, metal, stone, wood, PVC, neoprene, silicone and so on.

You will even find butt plugs with vibrators today that are excellent to prepare and arouse the anus for anal sex. Butt plugs can be used by both men & women. However some of them are particularly designed for men to help them with prostate stimulation.

Purpose of butt plugs

So, what does the butt plug do? Butt plug serves a wide range of purposes:

Anal stimulation

The anal region is stuffed with super-sensitive nerve endings. Thus, imagine, the explosive pleasure you will experience when you will nudge those nerves with a toy! Butt plugs are amazing for anal stimulation. A stimulated anal region is more conducive to orgasms. Those who have a problem in getting orgasms, can start with anal play with butt plug. In fact, you can try out vaginal sex after a powerful anal stimulation with butt plug.

Prostate stimulation

As mentioned previously, some butt plugs are especially designed to stimulate prostate gland in men. Thus, prostate stimulation is one of the main functions of a butt plug. Prostate can be accessed easily through rectum. With butt plug, you insert the toy into your rectum. Once inserted, it can rest against your prostate and enhance pleasure through a powerful stimulation. Strong prostate stimulation further leads to amazing orgasms in men. Thus, a lot of men, take to prostate stimulation through butt plug before intercourse.

Titillating sensation of being filled

A lot of people desire the experience of being filled and a butt plug is just the thing that you will need here. All you need to do is to insert the butt plug inside the rectum and get on with your daily chores. This way, you can enjoy a tantalizing effect for a prolonged period. However, make sure to remove the plug after 20 minutes.

In regards to women, a butt plug inside the body assures better vaginal sex. When you have butt plug inside you, you tend to feel full anally. It in turn results in a tightened effect in vagina. And a tight vagina is amazing to arouse both the partners during vaginal sex. The best part, with a butt plug, you won’t even need to waste money on tightening creams. So, it’s a win-win for both the partners.

Benefits of butt plugs

Butt plugs assure a myriad range of benefits.

Preparation for anal sex

Anal sex is slightly more complicated than vaginal sex and it calls for extensive anal training. And this is here butt plug comes to the rescue. Thus, many couples practice with butt plugs before indulging in anal sex. Butt plug play opens up and conditions the anal sphincter muscles to accept a foreign object. You can say the plug helps to widen the path so that your man’s cock can glide inside your backdoor easily.

Stimulates other pleasure points

When it comes to sensual pleasures, we mostly focus on penis or vagina. But butt plug helps you to explore other pleasure points in the body as well. In fact, butt plug play can unleash a new lease of life in your mundane routine sex life.

Hands-free sensual massage

Butt plugs are also great for relishing hands-free sensual massage. When you insert the butt plug inside, you will simply have to squeeze and release the sphincter muscles to enjoy the massage. And all the while your hands remain free for other interesting things like arousing yourself or your partner.

Tips while using butt plugs

We will wind up the discussion with a few pointers on using the butt plug

  • Try to stick to stainless steel or glass or silicone butt plugs as they are safe and devoid of phthalates which are harmful for health
  • Try to avoid plugs made of rubber as these are usually  full of phthalates
  • If you are a beginner, start with small plugs with 1” diameter maximum
  • Always sanitize the toy in boiling water or warm soapy water (anti-bacterial chemical-free soap) before and after every use
  • Don’t forget to air-dry the plug after cleansing
  • Always lube up the toy and your anal region copiously while using the butt plug. For this, you can use the lubricant you are using in inserting urethral plugs for slave-role playing.
  • Don’t rush the plug inside the body
  • The idea is to go slow and gentle with the toy to avoid injury
  • Do not share the toy with anybody
  • It will be better if you can top the toy with a condom while using it inside the body